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Make it to Midnight: Your Support System

Since Make it to Midnight was founded in 2014, we’ve helped countless individuals as they navigate through difficult times. We create communities where people can find the support they need through the power of connection.

When people are facing challenges, it’s helpful for them to be able to find support from others who understand exactly what they’re going through, and that’s what they’ll find at our Suicidal Thoughts Support Group. We welcome you into a safe space where you can share your story with others who have had similar experiences.

Make it to Midnight: Learning to Live When You Want to Die will provide those who suffer with mental illness––or those who love someone struggling-–with hope, inspiration, and a plan to Choose Life.

Jim Denning shares how through his faith in God and his self-determination, he essentially hacked his body, mind, and spirit––and chose life. It was all about changing the way he viewed his brain and himself––in essence, accepting his true nature and aligning his values and desires with what served him best in the workforce, in relationships, essentially in all areas of life.

Today, he is medication free and happier than he has ever been––after developing a set of tools that allowed him to end the conflict with himself and learn to live in the present.

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